Fumie Yamaguchi


Fumie grew her passion for alternative healing arts while she was attending postgraduate school for nutrition. She started her own healing journey around this time, as she realized she wasn’t living in her truth. It was all physical first. The next couple of years, she tried to change her food to all organic, start taking supplements, and eliminated certain stuff by choice such as alcohol. Her body got better at some point but when it got worse, it was still the worst. She has been very lucky to be guided by incredibly amazing people she met in her life to learn and heal herself. One of them mentioned to look into emotional traumas as they manifest in the body as symptoms and signs. This is when she learned more about psychosomatic responses in the body. She earned her diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine when she studied with many NDs, MDs, and other integrative health practitioners. And she was trained to think “Why this client has this condition”, instead of treating the condition itself. This changed her approach and protocol for her clients entirely. She speaks from the heart and from her own experience healing herself and her clients. For this reason, she never stops learning. As she met so many people who inspired her in her life, she now wants to become the one to inspire others.