Heather Stretch


Heather Stretch has been an organic farmer on the Saanich Peninsula since 2001 and a co-owner of Saanich Organics since 2002. Heather completed an MA in English at Dalhousie, and then pursued an opportunity to found an organic farm in order to follow her passions. She loved good food and cooking, and was drawn to diverse work that would provide both physical and mental challenges. She had a strong environmental ethic, and sought work that would benefit both her own health and that of her community. Heather found that farming does meet all those criteria, and more. At Northbrook Farm and Saanich Organic Heather has run a successful farm and distribution business. She values collaboration and cooperation, and shares her land and businesses with other farmers. She has mentored young farmers and has enjoyed opportunities to teach workshops on many aspects of organic farming, from crop rotation and soil building to record keeping and business planning. She has been active in the farming community as a former board member of Moss St Market and as chair of the Islands Organic Producers’ Association. Heather is co-author of All the Dirt: Reflections on Organic Farming