Holly Tarn

Holly is in her final year of the Phytotherapy diploma at PRC. After gaining a BA (hons) in Journalism and International Relations in 2010, Holly went on to work as a political journalist in North Africa. She now combines these passions and hopes to continue to use the power of the written word to educate people about herbal medicine.

In her clinical practice, she holds a special interest in mental health therapeutics, and is a proponent of body-mind connection and the innate intelligence of both the human body and plants. She is committed to providing Trauma Informed Care for her patients.

Holly has worked with the refugee community in both the United Kingdom and North Africa and currently volunteers at Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Center Society. After completing studies Holly plans to open her own practice and continue to write freelance, from her home on Galiano Island. A little further down the road she plans to take a Masters in psychological therapy.

To find out more you can visit her website www.cherrywoodclinic.com.