Illya Borreson

Illya obtained his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, B.C. (2002). He concluded his studies with an internship at Tianjing Second University Hospital in Tianjing, China. His intensive experience there sparked a profound appreciation for Chinese culture, philosophy and tradition. Illya’s residency in China also fostered a strong commitment to traditional Chinese medicine and he has been devoted to his practice ever since.   

Upon his second trip to China in 2006, he worked at the reputable Shanghai East International Medical Hospital. After a year and a half of observing a wide variety of health modalities at the hospital – including physiotherapy, chiropractic and western medicine – he then moved to southeast Thailand where he joined the team at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort. 

Recognized for its outstanding Traditional Chinese Medicine department and signature health retreats, Kamalaya is one of the leading medical spas in Asia. While practicing there, Illya worked in a holistic capacity together with doctors from Naturopathic, Chinese, Ayurvedic and western medical backgrounds to achieve the health goals of his patients.  

Illya returned to Canada in late 2008 and he has since launched Victoria Community Acupuncture + Spa (2011). Blending together the practice of community acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, registered massage therapy and holistic spa services, the center reflects his passion for alternative medicine. Illya has been working with the community acupuncture model for over 7 years in Victoria and he looks forward to sharing his diverse experience with students at Pacific Rim College as well as learning new insights.