Lauren Truscott


Lauren Truscott is a Medical Herbalist and Holistic Health Coach. She graduated with honours from the Diploma of Phytotherapy program at Pacific Rim College in 2011 and from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York in 2012. Before discovering her love of herbal medicine, Lauren studied nursing, philosophy and sciences with a focus on food sciences at the University of Victoria and University of British Columbia. Her studies prompted her interest in the healing properties of herbs and the prophylactic benefits of good nutrition. 

Born and raised in Victoria, Lauren spent her childhood up trees and her teenage years making beauty products from fruits and herbs.  Lauren is passionate about animal welfare. Deterring animal research for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals is one of the reasons she became interested in natural health and beauty products. 

Lauren currently offers health consultations and spa practices at Body Blueprint Fitness Education. Lauren also practices bodywork using herbs and natural products to cleanse and rejuvenate. Lauren works with clients with a broad range of health and wellness goals, including skin conditions, anxiety,  and general support for well being, using herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, massage and spa therapies. Her intention is to provide a positive, healing space, instilling confidence in every client and working alongside plants to assist the body’s natural healing process. When not working, Lauren can most likely be found walking her blind Cocker Spaniel, Joe.