Lehe Spiegelman

Lehe Spiegelman is a Registered Midwife practicing on the Sunshine Coast, BC. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Anthropology at McGill University in 1999 before graduating from the Seattle Midwifery School in 2004 and then completed her Master’s of Science in Women’s Health at the University of Central Lancashire in 2016. Over the past 15 years, Lehe has participated in research initiatives exploring health and wellness in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and has developed programs alongside multidisciplinary colleagues to support improved outcomes and experiences in maternity care for families and students. She opened Pomegranate Community Midwives in 2006, an urban centre in Vancouver and recently opened Suncoast Midwifery to offer midwifery care to families on the Sunshine Coast. She is passionate about maternity care, and when not attending births or clinic, can be found swimming in the ocean and gardening on her farm.