Rory Knapp-Fisher

Rory Knapp-Fisher is a student of movement and the human body. He has been actively training in martial arts for over 20 years and completed his BA in Anthropology at Malaspina University (now VIU) with a focus on traditional medicines. These two fields of interest combined in 2008 when Rory went to China on a language study exchange at the Shanghai University of TCM and in 2009 he enrolled at Pacific Rim College. In 2013 he completed his Diploma of Acupuncture and began his professional practice.  Finding that he had a particular knack for injuries, pain and mobility issues he began to direct his practice and advanced training towards Sports Acupuncture techniques. In the summer of 2015 he synthesized his various interests and opened Jin Therapeutics Sports Acupuncture in downtown Victoria. Rory believes that movement is a profound medicine and loves using acupuncture and tui na to enhance his clients’ quality of life. When not in clinic or teaching, Rory can be found walking around Victoria, climbing trees, practicing his martial arts or reading in a coffee shop.