Solara Goldwynn

Solara Goldwynn is deeply committed to nurturing resilient ecosystems. From an early age she’s felt a strong bond with nature and developed a keen sense of observation of the natural world. Since 2013 she has worked alongside her husband in their business Hatchet & Seed, an edible landscaping and regenerative design firm based in Victoria, BC. Growing gardens, propagating perennial edible food crops, and educating clients and students on the infinite benefits of aligning with nature are her specialties. Solara has a passion for local food and is inspired by the regenerative agriculture movement. In 2015 Solara began working with the North Saanich Food for the Future Society and is currently the manager of the North Saanich Farm Market. Solara has a double Major in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria as well as two Permaculture Design Certificates. She lives and learns at Eco-Sense (one of North America’s greenest homes) and is becoming intimately familiar with regenerative home systems, such as greywater, composting toilets, solar energy, growing and preserving food, small flock management, and co-housing.

When she’s not growing gardens, teaching, and learning Solara spends her time exploring the world of plant dyes and chasing after her daughter Flora.