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  • Handbook of Oriental Medicine


    The Handbook of Oriental Medicine is composed exclusively of tables and charts. As such, it is an invaluable reference for students prepping for licensure examinations. It covers everything in a systematic, thorough, and accessible manner; including fundamental theory, diagnosis, acupuncture therapy, herbs, formulas, Western medicine, plus CNT and other regulations.

  • Minibook of Oriental Medicine


    While the Handbook is an all-encompassing resource for academic purposes including teaching and exam preparation, the lab-coat-pocket-size of the Minibook is ideal for clinical use, providing all crucial clinical references in a condense and concise format.

  • Nourishing Destiny


    Nourishing Destiny, first published in 1999, has now become a classic text in the field of Chinese Medicine and is in use as a core text by schools of many traditions throughout the world. Nourishing Destiny examines Chinese medicine as a science pertaining to the evolution of consciousness.

  • The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine


    The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine explicates how to achieve the core value system at the heart of Nourishing Destiny in clinical practice. All treatment paradigms are fully elaborated to allow immediate integration into the clinic.

  • The Practicing Herbalist


    In this gem of a book you will find Margi’s thoughts and insights about the whole process of establishing a practice, functioning as a practitioner and then actually surviving. She does a masterful job of synthesizing the various ideas and influences from her many teachers, especially the late William LeSassier. (William was one of the foremost herbalists of his generation and will be sorely missed.) Not only will you find advice on all aspects of starting a practice, but specifics down to the nitty gritty of how to organize your desk. You will learn everything from the organizational minutiae to ways of greeting patients. Such issues are often the most challenging for the new practitioner.