Thanks for your interest in applying to Pacific Rim College. PRC is the leading institution of holistic medicine and sustainable living with innovative programs that raise industry standards.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary from school to school within Pacific Rim College. For admissions information specific to each school and program, please click on the appropriate program under our Faculties & Programs page.

The college provides the opportunity to broaden our study interest. Besides Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine classes, I was also able to take a few western herbal medicine classes. I would recommend this college to anyone interested in complementary and integrative medicine. 
– Victoria Dong, Alumnus

Selection Factors

Pacific Rim College is committed to providing the highest quality education in holistic medicine and sustainable living. Admission into all programs is competitive. As a result, exceptional academic performance and social skills are assets for applicants. However, the most critical selection factor is a student’s passion for learning and for improving the lives of others and the environment.

Application Packages

Students can apply for admission into PRC via a printable application or an online application. To download an application package or to apply online, please click on the appropriate link below.

Why Pacific Rim College?

Pacific Rim College is a globally-recognized college of Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living. We offer some of the most comprehensive programs in the world and have received recognition and awards locally and nationally. However, our proudest accomplishments are the learning environment that we have created for our students and witnessing their successful careers.
Having educated students from more than 40 countries, Pacific Rim College is a meeting point of cultures and philosophies.
PRC offers 16 programs that are approved by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (Private Training Institutions Branch) and Canada Student Loans.
Pacific Rim College is actively engaged in many forms of environmental stewardship including 100% green energy offsets for our campus, the highest eco-certification, and planting of 10 trees in British Columbia for every program graduate.

PRC is not just a school, but is a living educational ground in diversity where one can learn true professionalism.
– Tae Byun Hyun

Pacific Rim College, including the people who help run it as well as attend it, has been incredibly special to me, and frankly, has been the most positive and significant impact on my life to date. I really treasure PRC. Attending the school is incredibly significant to me, and I hold the College in high reverence.
– Latasha McMullen, Alumnus


Transfer Students

Students who have completed credits at another recognized college or university may apply for credit transfer and only for the following programs: all diploma programs and Natural Health Certificate. Transfer credit application deadlines, fees and restrictions apply as indicated on each program page.

Non-Matriculating Students

Students who wish to take courses at PRC without enrolling in any particular program are welcome to do so as non-matriculating students. Provided that a student has satisfied course prerequisites (prerequisites can be seen on the Course Descriptions page), he or she is eligible to enrol in virtually any diploma program course. Enrolment priority is given to program students, and full course tuition payment is due at time of course registration. Any student who has previously been denied admission into any program at PRC must receive written permission from PRC Administration before enrolling as a non-matriculating student. PRC reserves the right to academically dismiss any non-matriculating student who knowingly or blatantly interferes with the learning of other students.

Financial Information


Tuition varies from program to program within PRC. For tuition specific to your program of interest, please visit the appropriate Faculties and Programs page.

Tuition Payment

Cheques and debit are acceptable forms of payment for tuition and applicable fees. flywireAdditionally, PRC also accepts Flywire transactions for international payments. Please click here to pay by Flywire.

Tuition Refund Policies

Please click here for tuition refund policies for all programs. 

Financial Aid

All programs at PRC are approved for Canada Student Loans. British Columbia residents can apply for student loans online through StudentAid BC. For non-British Columbia residents, please visit for information about Canada Student Loans.

PRC offers scholarship programs to full-time students who qualify. Students must satisfy minimum criteria to be eligible for any financial reward. Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

Admission Policies

Admission Acceptance

Following successful completion of the application process, a formal letter of acceptance will be sent to each student. Applicants may be required to complete an interview process prior to acceptance.

Admission Denial

Any applicant who is denied admission into any program must wait one calendar year before reapplying for any program. 


All successful candidates for admission into all diploma programs (except the Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma) and the Natural Health Certificate must pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm acceptance and to insure a space in the entering program. The deposit is credited towards the student’s first semester tuition, and the deposit is due within the timeframe indicated on the program webpage and the candidate’s acceptance letter. The College holds the authority to, without notice, offer another student the enrolment position of an approved applicant or withdraw the applicant’s offer of acceptance if the enrolment deposit has not been paid within the required time frame.

Registration Fee

All successful admission candidates and registrants for the Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma, Community Herbalist Certificate, Holistic Nutrition Certificate, and Holistic Doula Certificate must pay a non-refundable registration fee to reserve a space in the entering class. The College holds the authority to, without notice, offer another student the enrolment position of an accepted applicant or registrant if the registration fee has not been paid within the required time frame.


New diploma students and Natural Health Certificate students in their first semester of study need to maintain a minimum enrolment of 6 program credits in order to officially matriculate into the accepted program. Any student who fails to meet this minimum enrolment must request an Enrolment Deferral in writing and forfeits the enrolment deposit.

Enrolment Deferral

A successful admissions candidate or program registrant may choose to request deferral of enrolment as per below.


Students must reapply for admission if they interrupt registration for one or more calendar years and were not academically dismissed at the conclusion of the last semester of attendance.

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