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Enrolment Instructions

Students wishing to study at Pacific Rim College may apply for admission using our online form below or can access required form in printable PDF form.

Should you require any assistance during the enrollment process, please contact the Office of Admissions toll free at 1.866.890.6082.

Applying Online

To complete an online Application for Admission or a Program Registration Form for entry into all programs at Pacific Rim College, please use the form below.

Online Application for Admission

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in applying to Pacific Rim College in Victoria, British Columbia.

Pacific Rim College (PRC) is one of the most exciting and dynamic schools in Canada and offers a variety of educational programs in Complementary and Integrative Medicines and Permaculture Design. PRC provides students with a unique opportunity to study many therapeutic modalities at one academic institution, giving graduates a competitive edge in their career fields.

Pacific Rim College is a Designated Private Training Institution in British Columbia. PRC programs under this application are approved for Canada Student Loans, and all program students are protected financially under the Student Tuition Protection Fund. In addition to this, PRC has scholarships and bursaries available to both new and returning students. Both student loan information and the Application for Financial Aid are available on our website and from our Office of Admissions. 

To apply for admissions into Pacific Rim College, please complete this online application packet and return all necessary documents to: Pacific Rim College, Office of Admissions, 229-560 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 3C6, Canada. Please be advised that applications will not be considered until you have provided to the following:

  • This completed ‘Application for Admission’ Form
  • Completed ‘Narrative Information’ if applicable (questions appear in application form below when appropriate program is selected)
  • Two ‘Reference Forms’ and letters direct from professional referees, if applicable (request for referees appears in application form below when appropriate program is selected)
  • Original Official Transcripts from relevant Post-Secondary Institutions (Transcripts are required from all health-related studies and all undergraduate college/university studies. Students with no post-secondary degree must submit high school transcripts that state proof of completion or equivalency, such as a GED.)
    • Not applicable for Community Herbalist Certificate
    • Not applicable for Holistic Nutrition Certificate
  • Personal Resume (upload link below)
  • Passport-Style Photo (upload link below)
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee (payable by cash, cheque, debit or credit card)
    • $100* for all diploma programs
    • $100 for Natural Health Certificate
    • $50 for Holistic Doula Certificate
    • Not applicable for Community Herbalist Certificate
    • Not applicable for Holistic Nutrition Certificate

*The Application Fee for PRC diploma alumni is reduced to $50 when applying for a second diploma program.

We reserve the right to deny admission to any applicant based on any part of the application process.

Should you have any questions regarding our programs, services, policies, procedures or application process, please use this website or contact the Office of Admissions at your convenience. An admissions representative will contact you soon.


PRC Admissions Team

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