Clinical Training

Pacific Rim College takes great pride in providing opportunities for experiential-based learning. We are determined to turn today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders in the health care industry. Due to the emphasis that we place on clinical training, students throughout their academic career may take advantage of valuable clinical opportunities in our on-campus health clinic as well as in clinics throughout Victoria and around the world. In the diploma programs in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, students begin clinical training in the very first week of studies.

Student Clinic

The Student Clinic is an on-campus facility where students gain the majority of their clinical training. From the very first week of their educational experience at Pacific Rim College, students are in the clinic gaining hands-on experience working with patients from the Victoria community. All clinical training is guided by experienced and licensed practitioners. First and second year students learn under the tutelage of these licensed practitioners to gain experience that prepares them for independent clinical practice that begins in their third year of studies.

Global Outreach Program

Pacific Rim College is committed to providing global externship opportunities for our students to gain valuable experience while helping less fortunate people around the world. The Global Outreach Program (GOP) allows advanced-level students to complete clinical training in a variety of medical centres around the world. Programs for Pacific Rim College students exist in China, Tanzania, Uganda, Mexico, Nepal and other countries. Acceptance for Global Outreach externships may be competitively based, and students must meet selection criteria unique to each program.

China Externship

Pacific Rim College has a clinical partnership with Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shenyang, China. LNUTCM is one of China’s largest TCM universities and has an extensive network of hospitals and care facilities. Participating students work in these health care facilities from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, and are guided by appropriate mentors and translators. On-campus housing is available although students are also permitted to arrange their own accommodations.

PRC students who have met basic Global Outreach Program requirements are welcome and encouraged to partake in clinical training at LNUTCM. Interested students should contact the College administration for tuition rates and submit a completed a placement application. Year-round placement opportunities exist with no minimum stay required.

Clinical Externship Program

The Clinical Externship Program (CEP) is a sister program of the Global Outreach Program, providing students with the opportunity to complete clinical training in approved facilities within the Victoria community and beyond. The college maintains very strict standards in evaluating potential health care facilities and practitioners for clinical leadership. Students must seek pre-approval for all CEP opportunities by submitting to the appropriate Program Dean a completed Application for Clinical Placement. The Application also includes detailed information about CEP training including prerequisites and criteria.

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