Natural Doctors International

Since 2005, the NDI naturopathic clinic on the Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua has provided over 17,000 patients free naturopathic medical care by volunteer naturopathic physicians and nearly $500,000 USD of medicines. As the future unfolds, NDI is moving into global policy work and expansion of NDI into other areas of the world over the next few years.

The Organization

NDI Vision Statement: Natural Doctors International is to be recognized as the innovative interdisciplinary global health organization of natural medicine professions including naturopathic medicine, chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, midwifery, herbalism, traditional medicine and other holistic models advocating issues of global health and natural medicine through service, education, and community partnerships with the ultimate goal of promoting holistic healthcare for all on a global level.

NDI Mission Statement: Natural Doctors International (NDI) promotes global health and social justice through natural medicine.

Clinical Training Opportunity

Due to a strategic partnership between NDI and the Global Outreach Program, PRC students can complete clinical training with NDI while bringing much needed expertise and support to the Project. The trainings usually last from 1 to 3 weeks, affording students the potential to gain 24 hours of unparalleled clinical experience and varying numbers of hours in therapeutics.

Herbalists and students from other colleges and are encouraged to contact PRC for more information on training opportunities with NDI. Academic credit may be available to you.

Eligible PRC students must have completed the following prerequisites: a minimum of 90 hours clinical practice, any 2 Herbal Therapeutics and any 2 Materia Medicas. Please contact our Office of Admissions for more information and an application.

Upcoming Opportunities

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