Workshops in Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living

Aromatic Medicine: Clinical Protocols for the Immune and Nervous Systems

with Peter Conway, September 28-29, 2019

Course Information “Aromatic Medicine” can be described as the medical use of essential oils (volatile oils), including taking them internally by mouth. This course explores specific treatment protocols for a number of conditions using essential oils via the three interfaces of respiratory, topical and digestive application. This course will consider the evidence base and clinical …

Reading The Body – Traditional Western Herbal Medicine Diagnosis

with Margi Flint, October 5-6, 2019

Course Information Learn to read the face, nails, tongue and body to understand indications of lines, blemishes, marks and colors. Understanding the cues of the organ/body correspondences is a precious gift. Indications of hot, cold, damp dry and wind conditions can easily be read once you train your eyes to see. Margi shares the knowledge …

Medicinal Mushrooms of Western Canada

with Robert Rogers, October 26-27, 2019

Course Information In this weekend course, students will explore the world of medicinal mushrooms and lichens, how to prepare your own tinctures, examine the top 20 mushrooms and their use in a clinical setting, including contraindications and positive drug interactions. The course will be presented from the perspective of a registered herbalist with 20 years …

A Natural Prescription for Remedying Drug–Nutrient Depletions and Drug–Food–Herb–Nutrient Interactions

with RoseMarie Pierce , November 2-3, 2019

Course Information Herbs, foods, vitamins, and other dietary supplements may augment or antagonize the actions of prescription and non-prescription drugs. This course provides a comprehensive, updated review of the common drug-nutrient-herb interactions and drug-induced-nutrient depletions. Learning Objectives: – Common drug categories and specific drugs; they may cause depletions of certain vitamins, minerals and other important …

Mastering Pulse Diagnosis Level 1

with Dr. Reuven Freesman, November 2-30, 2019

Course Information We have all heard how vital pulse diagnosis is to the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Many of us have heard stories about how certain special practitioners can tell someone’s life story from the pulse, and use the pulse as guidance for “magical” treatments. Unfortunately, most of us get only a few …

Advanced Comparative Materia Medica

with Paul Bergner, November 30 to December 1, 2019

Course Information When the Materia Medica is studied in depth, with attention to the totality of humoral and energetic effects, clinical actions, clinical uses, and tissues affected, groups of herbs with similar actions and uses emerge as “affinity groups” of analogues. Herbs in each group may have small differentials between them, but for practical purposes they may often …

Applied Channel Theory: An Introduction to Palpation, Diagnosis, and Treatment

with Jason Robertson, December 7-8, 2019

Course Information Channel palpation is a classical diagnostic technique not often taught in modern acupuncture schools in the west. Emphasized in the earliest acupuncture texts (Nei Jing/Nan Jing), palpation of the channels is extremely helpful for confirming diagnosis, refining point selection and improving clinical results. This 2-day class will focus on learning and applying channel …

Past Workshops

2018 Notable Workshops

Mark Lakeman

Permaculture, Place-Making and Planet Repair

Sally Fallon Morell

Achieving Optimal Health Through Nourishing Traditional Diets

Bev Maya

Women’s Health Treatment Protocols & Diagnostics with Cycle Charting and Lab Analysis 

2017 Notable Workshops

Dr. Debra Betts

Maternity Acupuncture: Developing Confidence and Credibility

David Bomzon and Avi Amir 

Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture

Paul Bergner

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity

Sarah Pritchard

Tui Na and Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems and Fertility Issues

Chanchal Cabrera

Collaborative Oncology – A Phytotherapy Perspective

Tom Malterre

Functional Medicine

Margi Flint

Reading the Body: Traditional Western Herbal Medicine Diagnosis

Robert Rogers

Medicinal Mushrooms of Western Canada

2016 Notable Workshops

Paul Bergner

Insulin Resistance: Pathophysiology and Diet and Herbs

Orsha Magyar and Dr. Matt Hill

Emotional Eating

Dr. Bruce Ferguson

Introduction to Topographic Acupuncture

Sabine Wilms

Women’s Health from the Perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine

Dr. Butch Levy

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Margi Flint

Reading the Body: Traditional Western Herbal Medicine Diagnosis
Reading the Body: The Practicing Herbalist

Sajah Popham

Medical Alchemy

Jason Robertson

Channel Examination and Diagnosis

Robert Rogers

Medicinal Mushrooms of Western Canada

Ann Harman

The Art of Distillation and Hydrosol Therapy

2015 Notable Workshops

Paul Bergner

A Materia Medica Intensive for the 21st Century

Brandt Stickley

Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis

Dr. Debra Betts

A Comprehensive Guide to using Acupuncture in Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum

Peg Schafer

Domestic Production of Chinese Herbs

Peter Conway

Herbal Medicine and the Human Microbiome

Sandor Katz

The Art of Fermentation

Dr. Martha Lucas

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture

Kathy Pedersen

Qi beauty

Heather Pace

Raw Food Celebration

2014 Notable Workshops

Sally Fallon Morell

Nourishing Traditions

Joel Salatin

Local Food to the Rescue

David Legge

An Integraated Approach to the Diagnosis and Acupuncture Treatment of Painful Musculoskeletal Disorders

Dr. Martha Lucas

The Art of Healing Women Using TCM

Paul Bergner

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance & Autoimmunity

Peter Conway

Adventures in the Hidden Dimension of Healing
Transmuting Fear: herbs and strategies for treating anxiety in an uncertain world

Robert Rogers

Medicinal Mushrooms of Western Canada
Materia Medica of Local Plants
Healing the Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Dis-ease

Margi Flint

Reading the Body: Traditional Herbal Diagnosis

Peter Deadman

Live Well, Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Health Tradition

Brandt Stickley

Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis
Psychology and Chinese Medicine: Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies

Ann Harman

The Art of Distillation and Hydrosol Therapy

Sheila Kingsbury

Pediatric Herbal Medicine Chest

Graeme Tobyn

Culpeper’s Medicine

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