Channel Examination and Diagnosis: An exploration of classical acupuncture technique

with Jason D. Robertson, April 9-10, 2016

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Course Information

Channel examination is a classical diagnostic approach not often taught in modern acupuncture schools in the west. Emphasized in the earliest acupuncture texts (Nei Jing/Nan Jing), examination of the channels is extremely helpful for confirming diagnosis and refining point selection.

This two-day class will focus on learning the basics of channel examination with a specific focus on palpation through interactive lectures and hands-on practice of technique. In addition, an exploration of channel-based physiology will be presented from the text Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine. Subjects covered will include:

  • Classical channel physiology and a discussion of how physiology manifests with specific, palpable changes on the acupuncture channels.
  • Techniques for palpating each of the twelve major channels. This section of the class will involve hands-on work by the students; palpating channels on each other with feedback from the instructors.
  • How to utilize information gleaned from channel palpation to refine and simplify diagnosis.
  • Introduction to the acupuncture treatment style (including point selection) of Dr. Wang Ju-yi (王 居 易 ).
  • Live demonstrations of channel palpation and diagnosis by the instructor with discussions of clinical strategies.

Please click here for a detailed course outline.

Course Instructor

Jason D. Robertson is the co-author of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (Eastland Press, 2008) with his teacher Professor Wang Ju-yi (王居易). Mr. Robertson has studied Chinese language for 20 years and has studied Chinese medicine in Chengdu and Beijing. He currently maintains a private practice in Seattle, WA, and is a full-time faculty member at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. Mr. Robertson has taught courses on channel theory and diagnosis around the world.

Course Dates

Saturday and Sunday, April 9-10, 2016, 9:00am-5:30pm

Course Tuition

Regular – $300 (Early Bird – $285, until March 1)
Students* – $275 (Early Bird – $250, until March 1)
PRC Alumni – $285 (Early Bird – $265, until March 1)
*PRC diploma students will receive 1 ACU academic credit for this workshop.

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Withdrawal Policy

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