Homeopathy 101

with Shoshana Scott, November 4-5, 2017

Course Information

Homeopathic medicine uses medicines made from the plant kingdom in a very special way. Through a specialized process called drug potentization, which consists of dilution and succession (shaking), inert properties within plants and herbs are released. These potentized remedies are rendered more capable of addressing some of our deepest medical and psychological problems. In potentized form, homeopathic medicines work on the principle of like cures like, ie they have the capacity to act as a tiny vaccine for the mental and physical symptoms they produce in crude dose. For example the coffee bean can make us wide awake and even jittery. In potentized form, Coffea cruda treats like: it calms the nervous and circulatory systems and treats insomnia.

The beauty of Homeopathic practice is in understanding the individuality of the patient. You will be introduced to the science of Homeopathy which lies in the ability of the prescriber to clearly perceive what is to be treated for each individual. As well you will be inspired in seeing the art in Homeopathy which lies in applying what is curative in Homeopathic medicine to your patients. Through a series of cases from fatigue to depression to anxiety and stress, you will see the effectiveness of homeopathy at work. The healing is not done by the Homeopathic medicine, but by stimulating the innate intelligence of the person’s body and mind. What results is a fantastic relationship between prescriber and patient who get to know each other well in this case taking process and an effective practice.

This course will include:
– “What is homeopathy?” – The basic history, philosophy, and seven principles of Homeopathy will be explained and illustrated with cases from clinical practice.
These seven principles include the law of similars, (how a remedy is selected, and how Homeopathy works) the principle of minimum dose, (why use minimum dose? how does it work in the body and mind), principles of  individualization including totality of symptoms, the principle of vital force (how Homeopathy makes use of our spiritual vital force) , the principles of drug provings (how 4000 homeopathic drugs are tested on healthy people), recommended reference books to consult, potency and dosage selection, Law of Direction of Cure
– How this ancient system of medicine is applied to address many of the health problems of our modern age.

– How Homeopathy can be used in our everyday lives (e.g. minor first aid) including instruction about when to see a doctor or go to the hospital. A basic kit of 10 remedies will be recommended and understood in depth how and when to apply them. You can carry this tiny kit with you throughout your life to deal with emergencies such as shock, accidents, loss, sunburn, mosquito bites, burns, stings, bites, puncture wounds, food poisoning, seasickness.
– The Homeopathic approach to how to stay healthy including constitutional prescribing, miasmatic prescribing, and reversing the effects of modern life: stress, over use of medications, and chemicals in our diet and lifestyle.

Course Instructor

Dr. Shoshana Scott started in Organic chemistry and won the gold medal at the University of Winnipeg. She switched to Homeopathy after working in a busy homeopathic clinic under a Homeopathic Doctor in Winnipeg. Inspired by Dr. Leelamma Nielsen, Dr. Scott completed a four year degree in Homeopathic Medical Science with an internship at Father Mueller’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Manganlore, India. Dr. Scott has a strong interest in bringing Homeopathy into mainstream medicine as a gentle, effective choice in health care. Dr. Scott now practices at the integrated medical clinic at the Victoria Community Health Cooperative in James Bay, Victoria, BC. Dr. Scott’s complete bio is available on her website at www.thehomeopathicdoctor.ca

Course Dates

Saturday and Sunday, November 4-5, 2017, 9:00am-5:00pm

Course Tuition

Regular – $300 (Early Bird – $285, until September 15)
Students* – $275 (Early Bird – $250, until September 15)
PRC Alumni – $285 (Early Bird – $265, until September 15)
*PRC diploma students will receive 1 NU/WHS academic credit for this workshop.

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Withdrawal Policy

For course withdrawals submitted in writing or in person 30 days or more before the start of the course, registrants will receive a full tuition refund less a $40 non- refundable registration fee. For course withdrawals submitted in writing or in person more than 14 days but less than 30 days before the start of the course, registrants will receive a 50% tuition refund. Without exception, no refunds will be given for course withdrawals less than 14 days before the start of the course.

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