Living Wild Presentation – by donation

with Daniella Roze, Thursday, April 16, 2015

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This is a story that will take you into the high mountains of the Sawtooth Wilderness, where a group lived for one month as humans have for thousands of years, nourished by wild foods, walking the mountains with pack basket, buckskin clothes, bow and arrow, and digging stick, while finding shelter in cave and hand-made debris huts. “Living Wild” touches the depth of our humanity, illuminates the possibility for thriving community, resilient culture, and personal transformation, while fostering a life sustaining relationship with the mountains. Daniella will share a journey based on “rekindling ancient knowledge and honoring the earth as a living organism, while transforming the gifts of the natural world in order to provide food, shelter, and clothing” (Vilden). The presentation weaves together photography, story, and poetry, breathing life and personal experience into the foundations of deep ecology, eco-psychology, ethnobotany, anthropology, and sociology, offering a refreshing and profound account of “Living Wild”.


Daniella Roze is the founder and lead instructor for Thriving Roots Wilderness School. Specializing in the field of wilderness survival and nature- based mentoring, Daniella guides both children and adults in learning ancestral skills and deepening their connection to the earth while supporting students in becoming their brightest selves. For over 10 years, Daniella has studied and taught nature based mentoring and earth skills with Wilderness Awareness School, Twin Eagles Wilderness School, the Living Wild School, and many other organizations throughout Canada and the USA. She holds a diploma in Applied Psychology and Counseling and cultivates a holistic environment for learning, personal growth, mentoring, and community building. Learning is constant. We are all teachers and students. The natural world has been one of Daniella’s greatest teachers.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015, 6:45-8:30pm

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Pacific Rim College, Suite 223, Classroom 5

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